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All services require at least 24 hour notice. We cannot guarantee that your request will be fulfilled for service requests less than 24 hours. Standard office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Request made outside of office hours, weekends or holidays will incur an assessment fee to execute your request(s) in addition to the regular fee.




Time is billed when your concierge leaves the office or your home to run your errand or upon departing to comply with your request. Travel between errands is calculated in the hourly rate. Purchases being made on your behalf cannot exceed your retainer balance. Any authorized purchase made which exceeds your retainer balance will incur an assessment fee in addition to the regular fee.



Membership Process

We require a credit card authorization be on file before providing any service. This will allow your Concierge to run errands and make payments on your behalf. All charges will be approved by you prior to billing. Summaries will be provided to you at the end of the month with your billing cycle. Upon completion of your request, your account manager will email a final invoice to you. Copies of merchandise receipts and other additional expense receipts are provided via e-mail for all requests. Ask about our Plans: Pay as you go, pre-purchase a discounted block of time or build a customized lifestyle package to suit your needs.  




A 12 hour notice prior to the scheduled service is required. The standard one hour service fee will apply to any cancellations after 24 hours. If your concierge is unable to complete you errand by an act of God or unforeseen event the liability to perform the errand will be rescheduled or the time charge will be credited to your account. You will still be responsible for any payments or purchases made on your behalf. Payments and/or purchases authorized by you are non-returnable or refundable.



Unused Hours

All membership plan hours must be used within the same billing time frame. Hours not used will not be refunded or rolled over to the following cycle.



Vendors and Contractors:

Because our vendors are an extension of our brand we invest time to research each submission, including the company’s background and reputation. The vendor, contractor company or individual, at its own expense, must conduct its own background checks for each of its employees, as well as for the employees of its subcontractors, who will provide services to Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. or its clients.


The minimum background Check process shall include the following:

  1. Social Security Number Trace

  2. Criminal Records (State / Federal)

  3. National Sex Offender Registry

  4. Negative debt certificate Administration of Child Support Enforcement (ASUME)

Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. will not be liable for any loss, disappointment, cost, expenses or damage of any nature (whether direct or indirect) as a result of goods or services provided by any vendor or contractor. All vendors are required to present proof of insurance.

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