Terms of Service


The following are the terms and conditions of the proposed engagement of Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. and the nature and limitations of the services to be provided to the client until mutually changed.




Scope of limitations Our engagement cannot be relied upon to conduct illegal, immoral, or unnatural acts, including the support of prostitution, illegal gambling, cruelty or inhumane treatment to animals or people, destruction of property. The client agrees to supply all necessary information for the performance of the engagement and is responsible for supplying all necessary funds for the performance of the engagement including cost of service, cost of materials, cost of supplies, and cost of commodities. Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. conducts business in the form of relocation, property management and concierge services via the telephone or e-mail, also in the form of personal assistant service via face to face interaction including the delivery of goods. Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for reasons including but not limited to:

  1. Failure to provide prior payment in full for services including the cost of materials and extra expenses, travel, groceries & commodities, cost of vendor services such as dry cleaning, pet grooming and in house repair.

  2. Physical, Verbal, or Sexual abuse toward any vendor or employee of Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc.


Agreed upon Services: Services will be performed according to pre-determined appointment for relocation, property watch, household management or concierge services. Any and all services required after pre-determined service has been fulfilled will result in additional cost for additional service. Pricing for agreed upon services is set at the pre-determined rate and is not negotiable and non refundable. Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. is not to be held responsible or accountable for lost, stolen, or damaged property due to negligence on the behalf of an outside vendor, third party vehicular or otherwise accident, or any acts of God.

Billing for Services: Price and billing are to be agreed upon before services commence. Services to be paid for in full prior to commencement of ordered services. Services billed as follows:

  1. Clients are required to have a retainer balance. If the cost of a service required exceeds that amount, the client must pay in advance before Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. provides the service requested.

  2. Billing will begin once the request has begun and will end when both the client and the Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. representative agree upon a mutual completion of services. The client will receive notice of amount billed and any overages due by acknowledgment of request either via telephone or e-mail.

  3. Concierge / Errand Service: Billing will commence at start of agreed upon time of appointment. For example, billing would start once request is acknowledged and a Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. representative is dispatched to begin errand service. Billing will cease upon completion of task. An estimated time quote can be provided upon request. Any additional concierge / errand requests will be processed and acknowledged with an additional appointment and an additional charge unless both the Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. representative and the client mutually agree upon the additional terms.

  4. All clients of Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. will be required to pay all invoices upon receipt in full (including any services or products or extraordinary travel expenses we purchase on your behalf) using any of our accepted payment methods. Failure to pay may result in termination of all services.


Service Limitations: Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. will not be responsible for performing any work without specific acknowledgement and confirmation from the client. All additional services will be billed appropriately and/or set for a future appointment.

Cancellation Policy: Once your order to Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. has been processed and you have received your confirmation email, you must cancel that service at least 24 hours prior to execution of that service to avoid penalty. Notice of cancellation less than 24 hours notice will result in an additional fee. Cancellation less than 24 hours notice without notice will result in the full price of the service ordered.

Direct Expenses: Additional charges for any out of pocket costs including travel, grocery purchases, vendor service costs, or delivery costs will be added to our fees. Such Charges are in addition to any estimated fees given.

Privacy Notice: As your service provider, we collect information provided by you at the time of request for personal service. We are committed to the safekeeping of your confidential information and we maintain physical and electronic safeguards to protect your information. We are required to keep all information about our engagement confidential. We will not disclose any information about you unless we have your approval as required by law, even if you are no longer a client. If you need to request that we fax or mail a copy of your data about you to another party, we will require your permission in writing via e-mail. Please e-mail us back your completed authorization to release information to info@puertoricoluxuryconcierge.com.

Applicable Law: This engagement letter shall be governed as to validity, interpretation, construction, effect and in all other respects by the laws and decisions of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In the event of commencement of any legal action regarding any term or condition of this engagement such action by agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Puerto Rico or its political subdivisions.

Complete Agreement: This letter comprises the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between the parties, superseding all proposals oral or written and all other communications between the parties. If any provision of this letter is determined to be unenforceable, all other provisions shall remain in force. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this engagement letter or described services, please contact Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc. at the address below.

Puerto Rico Luxury Concierge, Inc.
P.O. Box 9665
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00908-9665

For more information please contact us at: info@puertoricoluxuryconcierge.com
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Terms of Service